Cine Shampoo

Music, Noise, Ambient, Drone, Electronic, DIY

Cine Shampoo was a project created in 2008 by Matías Brunacci, Guido Flichman, Lucas Ledesma and Franco Caposoli. Their last performance was in 2010.

Created as a group of sonic exploration, Cine Shampoos sound-works were based on experimentation and unconventional ways of composing and making music.

Cine Shampoo, video compilation.

Cine Shampoo constructed very complex and chaotic music behaviors based on non-linear systems of interpretations.

Their sounds could be assigned to many different genres overlapping each others, making it a difficult task to classify them at all.

Their style was in between noise, experimental, glitch, industrial, harsh, drone and others, all of them directly related to free improvisation.

Cine Shampoo has taken part in numerous festivals around Argentina such as:

Festival Enlaces, Ritmos Rotos, SirveVerse, ProbetaLab, Shared Canvas, Buenos Aires Folk, Killerdrumz and TDI Pulso among others.

Album Insert by Lucas Ledesma -aka Lngchps-

Cine Shampoo used many sound sources that merge analog and digital features, using conventional instruments such as guitars, keyboards or drums, and other unorthodox instruments like samplers, tape recorders, field recordings, feedback loops and a strong presence of synthesizers, oscillators and many electronic machines build by themselves.

This incursion to the DIY (Do It Yourself) and Circuit Bending aesthethics was a fundamental part of their sound works.

The 24 Albums

Twenty-four albums were recorded in only two years. That makes an average of an album per month. Most of these recordings consisted of live sessions with no post production, editing or mastering at all, reflecting in a very precisely way the spontaneous, chaotic and fertile production of Cine Shampoo.

Cine Shampoo