Game Engine Enviroment - Interactive Album

Unity, JavaScript, C#, Code, Blender, 3D Modeling

For the last album of my noise-duo Termotank, we created an interactive virtual world named Fernweh3D.

Inside this virtual place, the user can move through a dark and bucolic three-dimensional world, which is specially designed as an interactive album whose tracks can be discovered and listened.

Fernweh3D does not make use of any predetermined paths or preferential orientation; it has no plot, no directions to be followed, and no order of operations. The user has total freedom and absolute control over their virtual body.

This interactive album took more than a year of production and design.

In Fernweh3D you can find nine music tracks (plus one hidden track). That makes a total of ten tracks scattered in the depths and paths of the virtual world.

Fernweh is a German word used to describe a feeling of nostalgia, alienation, estrangement and uprooting for a distant and unknown place.

This word exists only in the German language and can be simply describes as beeing homesick for a place you've never been.

Gameplay Trailer

Live Premiere - Fernweh3D - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fernweh3D was released for Mac, Windows and Linux.
You can download it for free from our official website here.