Cynical Story

Interactive Installation

Arduino, Code

Cynical Story, Live Presentation at UNA, University National del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cynical Story is an interactive installation that I made with Azucena Losana, Andrés Pérez and Giovanni Zapata in the context of BioArt studies for the seminar “History of new media art” at UNA (National University of Art) of Buenos Aires, Argentina,

The water is one of the fundamental elements of the world where the first living organisms were generated in an aquatic environment called “primordial soup”. We based our conceptual idea on this element, using a huge glass sphere to mix different colors, creating a visual experience which is very close to the Bio-art aesthetics.

We used four jars with droppers. Two of them with red and blue ink which produce stains in the water and the other two, filled with bleach that returns the waters transparency when dripping.

We build an interaction system based on the presence of the user in front to the piece.
Using two ultrasonic sensors connected to Arduino we could take the variables and data of the distance between the users and the installation. This distance and proximity variables activate four servomotors that controls the dripping rate of the four jars.

Arduino system (blue) and distance sensors (green and red). Below table view.

Servo motors controlling the water flow through Arduino.

Images of the water being treated by tints and bleach.