No Return Policy

Virtual Reality - 360 Video Installation

360 Video, VR, Unity, JavaScript, C#, Code, Blender, 3D Modeling

No Return Policy is a work that I made in collaboration with Antonia Cattan for the class Generative Kunst of the professor Alberto De Campo at the Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany.

This is an inmersive 360 Video installation where users can experience a Virtual Reality world through a Google Cardboard with a smartphone inside. This device increases and enhance the experience, thanks to the movement that the user can do with their head, creating the illusion of actually being in this place, giving the possibility of choose one specific direction to look and hear.

No Return Policy has three layers or realities.

A is the layer that we called “Boat-water”, B is the “City-Desert”, and C is the “sky”, the transition between both realities.

The user can easily find itself completely trap between this worlds. There's no escaping from trial and error when trying to reach for some humanity.

The work have a narrative story that lasts 8 minutes in total and was made to fix perfectly in an infinite loop that never ends.

After the presentation of the project, it’s now possible to experience the work without the 3D glasses. Anyway, I really recommend to use your favorite 3D device to experience this work, or headphones and a modern cellphone to use the accelerometers to track the movement of the camera. As a last option, you can always use your computer and your mouse to move the camera inside.