The Actual Distance Between Two Points

Audiovisual Installation / Generative Performance

Buenos Aires, Berlin, Glitch, Post-Media, Audiovisual, Generative, Pure Data

Fragments of the Live Audiovisual Performance, "The Actual Distance Between Two Points" at Spektrum, Berlin.

The Actual Distance Between Two Points is a work that I made for the class Generative Kunst of the professor Alberto De Campo at the Universit√§t der K√ľnste, Berlin, Germany.

The digital material was captured and recorded between the cities of Buenos Aires and Berlin.
All the videos, sounds and texts were mixed in real time, resulting in a non-repeatable audiovisual piece.

This work is an Audiovisual installation with the ability to be modified in real time by an user or itself.
The system behind this work was programmed with Pure Data.
The all system was planned as a "trash can" who can receive different types of digital material, processing it all and give a unique audiovisual final piece product of the mixture of video, sound and text. The final file is never the same as above. The duration and possibilities depends only on the number of files previously loaded.

Random poetics built in real time.