VR Experience

Unity, C#, Code, Leap Motion, Blender

Bridging the Virtual and the Shamanic

Virtualshamanism is an artistic exploration that delves into the intersection of digital technology and shamanic cosmologies. This project is not just a piece of art; it's an ongoing journey into understanding and representing concepts that are often invisible, ethereal, and deeply spiritual. My work strives to reflect on these concepts within a Western cultural context, integrating them into an alternative digital reality.

The Essence of Virtualshamanism

At the heart of Virtualshamanism lies the intent to create an immersive experience that invites contemplation and reflection. This experience is rendered through a blend of audiovisual elements in three-dimensional spaces, evoking thoughts about parallel worlds, the duality of existence, and the intricate relationship between technology and nature. The installation forms a bridge between the virtual and physical worlds, allowing for a seamless transition and a cohesive aesthetic experience.

Objectives and Philosophical Underpinnings

Virtualshamanism aims to:

  • Establish a symbolic connection between real and virtual spaces.
  • Initiate reflective processes that extend beyond the artwork.
  • Construct virtual spaces that facilitate deep communication and understanding.
  • Challenge traditional views of physical and metaphysical matters.
  • Guide users towards a balanced form of knowledge, addressing concepts like hypermediation and spiritual fanaticism.
  • Demonstrate the body's limits and capabilities through digital representations.

Technoshamanism and Virtualshamanism

The concept of Technoshamanism serves as a backdrop for Virtualshamanism. It represents the blend of technological advancement and shamanic wisdom, striving to create a balance between these two realms. Virtualshamanism, as an extension of this idea, uses virtual reality as its medium, enabling a deeper and more personal exploration of these themes.

The Creative Process

Virtualshamanism emerged from my experiences with experimental music and immersive installations. The project has evolved through various phases, from creating immersive soundscapes to experimenting with virtual reality as a primary medium. This evolution reflects my journey from understanding technology as a tool to recognizing it as an integral part of the artistic and spiritual expression.

Conclusion: A New Reality

Virtualshamanism represents a new frontier in digital consciousness. It's an endeavor to merge the spiritual and the digital, creating a space where users can explore and experience an alternative reality that transcends traditional boundaries. This project is not just about creating art; it's about shaping a new form of consciousness that harmoniously integrates technology, spirituality, and artistic expression.