Music, Noise, Ambient, Drone, Electronic, DIY

Termotank is a music project created in 2008 by Matías Brunacci and Guido Flichman.
Termotank has taken part in numerous festivals in Argentina, Latin America and Europe: among these are Festival Enlaces, Ritmos Rotos, Festival Equinoxio, SirveVerse, ProbetaLab, Killerdrumz, Festival Asimetría, Loophole, Spektrum and more.
Termotank has made five independently-produced and -recorded albums:
Antípodas (2008), Perú (2008), Exosphere (2009), Serpiente Negra (2012), and Fernweh3D (2015).


In 2015, we released an interactive virtual world named Fernweh3D.
The user moves throughout that dark and bucolic three-dimensional world, which is specially designed as an interactive album whose tracks can be discovered and listened.
Fernweh3D does not make use of any predetermined paths or preferential orientation; it has no plot, no directions to be followed, and no order of operations. The user has total freedom and absolute control over their virtual body.

Serpiente Negra

Serpiente Negra (Black snake) is an album that was released in 2012.

It has eight tracks consisting of fragments from live sessions that never got released. By reviving old and long forgotten musical moments from the past we created a species of sonic Frankenstein called “Black Snake”.

This album is capable to attack at considerable range and occasionally may deliver a series of bites in rapid succession.


Exosphere is probably the most atmospheric and ambient album by Termotank.

Launched in 2009 through the netlabel Ruidemos the album has four tracks that were recorded live without further mixing or makeup.


Perú is a full live set-streaming. Raw sound from Argentina to Perú trough the internet, in a virtual-online presentation for the festival Asimetria (Perú).

This live session was recorded in the early 2009 and was launched trough the netlabel BPM Front.

Special guest: Siet.


Antipodas (Antipodes), was launched in 2009 through the netlabel ACS (Amigos de la contaminación sonora).

The album has three long tracks that were recorded live. By Listening to it, you can begin to distinguish an original sound aesthetic that was further developed by Termotank.